Become ICF-accredited to pursue your career as a professional coach

Khrysalis Coaching Series is an ICF-accredited programme, and here’s what you can achieve through the 3-module series:

  • Receive an ICF-accredited education and be credentialled as an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

  • Demonstrate your proficiency in core coaching competencies such as strategic questioning and active listening

  • Acquire Coaching skills, one of the top desired skills for leaders to manage a multi-generation workforce

Discover how you can unlock the potential and expertise of those you lead and coach, to build a culture of empowerment and accountability.

ICF-ACC certification pathway

NTUC LearningHub offers a structured and supportive pathway towards achieving your ICF-ACC credentials.

Total duration of module 1, 2 and 3:
65 hours of coach-specific training + 7 hours of group coach mentoring + 3 hours of individual 1:1 coach mentoring

1. Module 1 - The Coaching Essentials

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2. Module 2 - The Developing Coach

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3. Module 3 - The Practicing Coach

• Includes 7 hours of Coach Mentoring

• Performance Evaluation - 3 x 1:1 Mentor Coach Session to produce recording and written transcript of coaching session that meet ICF credentialing requirements

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4. Coaching Experience

• Clock 100 hours of coaching experience, with minimum 75 hours of paid coaching

• Fulfil a cumulative total of 100 coaching hours from the start of Module 1: The Coaching Essentials

5. ICF Credential Exam

• Exam preparation will be covered in Module 1 to 3

6. Achieve ACC Credentials

Why choose us?

NTUC LearningHub takes the lead with these key factors.

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Globally Recognised Coaching Credential

Get certified as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and be recognised as a globally recognised coach

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Best Value

No additional charges - includes all your needs to meet the training, mentoring and evaluation requirements for ACC

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Extensive Funding Support

Up to 70% funding subsidy from SSG, and an extra 50% UTAP funding for eligible trainees*

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Community of Practice

Become part of a dynamic learning community and engage with like-minded individuals and catalyse your journey to ACC

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Experienced Coaching Faculty

Tap on high quality coaching education by ICF-credentialed, professional coaches who bring more than 70 years of combined coaching experience

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Scaffolded Learning

Master challenging coaching concepts through bite-size, easy-to-learn building blocks through our specially formulated training structure

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Practicum-Centric Approach

Over 70% of our training curriculum is focused on practical performance to ensure you perfect your coaching skills

*Find out more details on UTAP funding.
NTUC LearningHub reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice in its absolute discretion.

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