Company Training Committees (CTCs)

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Championed by NTUC, the CTC aims to bring together unions and employers to develop concrete-level transformation plans to ensure the workforce remains future-ready, relevant, and resilient.

The CTCs is a collaborative and consultative approach, comprising management staff, union representatives and relevant partners to:
  • Identify the skills and training needs of employees to support the company's strategic vision and direction
  • Coordinate efforts to communicate and implement training plans to build new competencies, close existing skills gaps and enhance productivity through technical, adaptive and technology skills
  • Enhance and implement a workforce upgrading plan, to help ready employees for the evolution of jobs, stay relevant with new skills and be resilient to new ways of working, towards better jobs, better pay and better career progression
With CTCs, your business can benefit from customised road maps covering new products and services, technology, talent and other resource requirements to support business growth, while enabling employees to benefit from career progression.
The CTC Starter Kit is an easy-to-implement starter package comprising of 14 programmes under 3 core competencies needed to make transformation real for companies and workers.
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SSG Course Funding Support for CTCs
  • 70% course fee funding for Singapore Citizens and PRs >21 y/o
  • 90% course fee funding for Singapore Citizens > 40 y/o
  • Absentee payroll at $4.50 per hour, capped at $100,000 per enterprise per calendar year (not applicable for government agencies)
  • Funding validity – courses commencing before 31 Dec 2022.
For reference on the Course outline and Course schedule, please click on the respective course links above. To register for the courses listed in this page, please click on the “Enquire Now” button.
The $70 million NTUC CTC Grant serves to support entities with CTCs by co-funding their proposals to raise productivity, redesign jobs, upskill workers and improve work prospects. Applicants that are looking to transform their business process, redesign jobs for workers and uplift productivity can tap on the new grant to bring about workforce and enterprise transformation. Please refer to the following for more information:

The grant is managed by NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) to support entities that have formed Company Training Committees (CTC) to implement transformation plans that would lead to better worker and business outcomes. The grant serves to strengthen worker and business outcomes to bring about:

  • Enterprise transformation: Enhanced business capabilities, innovation and/or productivity;


  • Workforce transformation: Better career prospects and better wages for local workers (Singapore Citizens / Singapore Permanent Residents) through efforts such as job redesign and training. Applicant to commit at least 1 of following worker outcomes:
    • wage increase; and/or

implemented Career Development Plan (CDP) that is communicated to staff.

Items must be deemed relevant and tied to transformation plans that lead to worker and business outcomes. Examples of supportable items:

  • Equipment/Software
  • Consultancy
  • Training (i.e. OEM/software training to support job redesign)

Entities1 legally registered or incorporated in Singapore i.e. companies, societies, non-profit organisations such as charities and social service agencies are welcome to apply.

1 Government bodies, statutory boards, organs of state, and wholly-owned subsidiaries of Government are not eligible.

  • The CTC Grant provides funding support of up to 70% of qualifying cost for each project.
  • Funding quantum will be assessed based on:
    • Strength of project from business transformation perspective
    • Cost of project from worker outcomes perspective
  • Applicant needs to form a Company Training Committee (CTC). Visit for more information on CTCs.
  • Applicant needs to develop a transformation plan and show how the plan leads to better worker and business outcomes.
  • Applicant should discuss and validate their transformation plan with their CTC senior management representative2 and NTUC / Worker representative*.
  • CTC Grant is open for applications from 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2026. Applicant is to submit their applications(s) to e2i via the NTUC CTC Grant application kit (visit this page again from August).

2 Senior management representative (e.g. Owner / MD / CEO / GM or key decision maker)

*To determine NTUC / Worker representative, please refer below:

Type of CTCs

NTUC / worker rep

Unionised CTC / Managed General Branch (MGB)

Union Executive Secretary (ES), General Secretary (GS), President of Union


Director of U SME

Other NTUC/LM partners with CTC

Cluster Leads


Useful Information: