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Looking to upskill or reskill in the Food & Beverage (F&B) sector?

Find out how you can embark on this journey through specially curated courses which will provide you with the essential skills in the different areas.

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Food Safety & F&B Services

Comply with and maintain excellent food and workplace safety and learn essential in-demand and emerging skills to stay competitive in the evolving F&B landscape.

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Pastry & Baking

Learn the essential skills needed for bread making, creating delicate western pastries, and techniques to enhance your cakes and pastries skills.

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Gain key skills and embrace local culture by learning to brew a good cup of local coffee and/or stay trendy making specialty coffee.

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Culinary Arts

Take your culinary skills to the next level with our suite of culinary courses and master the cooking of different cuisines.

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Progressive Wage Model (PWM)

Developed by tripartite committees consisting of unions, employers and the government, the PWM helps to uplift lower-wage workers' wages. Since being implemented, PWM sectors have raised wages at a sustainable and meaningful pace, without hurting the livelihoods of the lower-wage workers.

The food services PWM will cover the following food services job roles in two categories of establishments:

  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Waiter Supervisor/Manager
  • Counter Attendant/Stall Assistant
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Cook/Senior Cook

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Enterprise Transformation

Embark on projects to strengthen enterprise capabilities through implementation-led training, solutioning services and workplace-centric projects for business and operational transformation.

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Productivity Solutions Grant for Job Redesign (PSG-JR)

Redesign job roles, work processes, tasks and responsibilities with the PSG-JR grant as part of business and workforce transformation. Learn more about the productivity solutions grant.

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Workplace Learning – in partnership with NACE

The Workplace Learning programme is for enterprises looking to establish best-in-class workplace learning practices that will help employees learn faster, more effectively and minimise skills leakage. Foster a strong learning culture and build competencies to support and accelerate business sustainability and growth.

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