Inspiring The Habit of Learning: NTUC LearningHub x SkillsFuture Month 2021

25 Oct 2021 Posted in ⟨Stories⟩

How can you open new possibilities when you upskill? That was the theme of SkillsFuture Month 2021, an annual event organised by SkillsFuture Singapore. This year’s edition, held from 8 July to 22 August, comprised an interactive series of hybrid learning activities to encourage Singaporeans to learn new skills and explore exciting career opportunities.

Through webinars, workshops, forums, and exhibitions, SkillsFuture Month shone the spotlight on emerging industries and in-demand skills for the current workplace landscape.

NTUC LearningHub collaborated with Lifelong Learning Institute – SkillsFuture Singapore to organise 12 free webinars focused on key growth industries to help job seekers and mid-career switchers upskill and stay relevant. 

In each session, experienced NTUC LearningHub trainers and content partners shared their expertise and industry insights in a variety of topics:

  • Understanding The Hype Of Digital Marketing  
  • How To Build A Resilient Supply Chain?
  • Foundation Of Automated System Using Robotics
  • The New Normal Of Business With Automation
  • Enhance Productivity In A Virtual World
  • Basic Food Safety, A Public Health Priority!
  • Agile And Scrum Fundamentals
  • Empowerment For Well-being And Career Wellness
  • Being Agile In The Dynamic World
  • Sustainability: Frameworks & Developments
  • Agritech – Is There A Role For Me?

Top takeaways from webinars

3,700 people attended NTUC LearningHub’s free webinars. The most popular sessions were about the rising agritech and sustainability sectors, as well as Agile and Scrum.

Lini Selvaraj said she attended the webinar about sustainability because of her interest in the topic. “Given that the sector is expanding, I wanted to understand the field better as well as possible opportunities/directions I can pursue,” she said. 

When asked what was the most valuable or unforgettable thing she learnt, she said hearing the career journey of the speakers was very enriching. 

“The diversity of the speaker panel, as well as the content that they shared, was highly relevant to the topic.”

While she is currently employed, the practical tips and industry-specific job search resources she learnt will help to prepare her for a future career switch.

Meanwhile, NTUC Member Belinda Koh, who attended the Basic Food Safety webinar to find out how to enter the F&B industry, started her upskilling journey immediately after the session.

After the August webinar, she signed up to attend the Food Safety Course Level 1 in October to widen her skillset in the F&B industry. Although the course is currently not compulsory for food handlers, trainees benefit greatly from learning about good personal hygiene and how to handle and store food safely in F&B businesses.

With the changes in the workplace landscape brought about by COVID-19, it is vital that we stay relevant by constantly retraining and exploring new roles in emerging industries. To do this, positivity and a growth mindset are necessary. However, learners should improve themselves not just for immediate benefit, but also to seize future opportunities, said Lini. 

“In times of adversity, there are always opportunities. Seek out opportunities to learn and upskill – you may just find your passion!” said Belinda.

Since 2004, NTUC LearningHub has upskilled over 21,000 organisations and achieved over 2.6 million training places across more than 500 courses with a pool of over 400 certified trainers. We are the leading Continuing Education and Training provider in Singapore and we are here to transform your lifelong employability.

For more information on how we can help, leave an enquiry with our course consultants or contact our Live Chat Agents today.

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