Upskilling As An Applied VR and Game Specialist With No Experience: Nu'Aim Dahlan's Journey

08 Feb 2022 Posted in ⟨⟩

Fitness education instructor Nu'Aim Dahlan had always enjoyed gaming. The potential of virtual reality (VR) in computer and console games excited him, and though he didn't know much about applied reality (AR), he knew this innovative technology was gaining popularity in the gaming industry worldwide too. 

So in March 2021, he stepped out of his comfort zone to enrol in the 6-month Applied VR and Game Specialist programme under the SGUnited Skills Programme with his SkillsFuture Credit.

In the programme, Nu'Aim and his fellow trainees learnt how to plan, integrate and implement VR solutions, as well as design, develop and debug VR applications. Through 20 hands-on modules and 2 capstone projects, they were exposed to essential hard and soft skills, such as:

  • 3D computer graphics
  • Game programming  
  • Software development with C#, C programming, Unity
  • Project Management skills, including communicating with people at all levels

Nu'Aim's learning experience

Nu'Aim was a fast learner, and applied the hard skills he learnt to his side job as a Youtube content creator. For instance, he started using the applications Da Vinci Resolve and OBS Studio to improve his video editing skills. 

Though some modules were challenging, Nu'Aim did his best to understand the basics, with guidance from his friendly and patient trainers. They went the extra mile to explain concepts in detail – including topics outside the curriculum – and Nu'Aim was very thankful for this. 
His fellow trainees were also a huge source of support. They exchanged their knowledge about media and gaming, and learnt from one another's experiences. Though they came from all walks of life, Nu'Aim was able to build rapport with them easily. 

"We met as strangers, but got to know one another as friends," he shared. As the de-facto project group leader, Nu'Aim learnt how to communicate with people of different personalities and involve everybody by giving them a role. This trained his leadership and communication skills. 

Final Capstone Project

One of the highlights of the programme was the final capstone project, where Nu'Aim was attached to Playware Studios for 2 months as a game designer. He integrated assets into mini games for clients in the construction and health industries.

For instance, he worked on an educational workplace safety game for a construction company, which quizzed players on scenario-based multiple choice questions about the proper use of safety equipment.  

While Nu'Aim adapted well to the variety of work he had to produce, he sometimes struggled with the tight deadlines. Sometimes, he had to work overtime to debug and get the game assets to work well, especially when there were next-day deadlines. But he enjoyed the software and programmes that he was using, which fuelled his passion for game development even more.

With his newly-acquired skills and work experience, Nu'Aim hopes to work in the Japan gaming industry in the future. After all, they are the powerhouse in gaming worldwide!

Nevertheless, those who want to break into the gaming industry should start by upskilling themselves in this niche area. Nu'Aim advises prospective trainees to research thoroughly about the course and course provider that they are interested in, and ask them as many questions as possible. 
If you're hardworking, you will learn many unexpected skills, he says. Learning is an endless journey of self-improvement, and happens both inside and outside the classroom.
"Be adventurous to explore and try new things, and you might land yourself in a comfortable position in a new industry!"

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