Microsoft SQL Server Administrator / Developer
Infocomm Technology

Salary Range (SGD)1

Years of Experience

2,500 – 4,170

 3 Years

Database Administrator / Developer 

Database Administrators are responsible for the performance and security of a database. Senior Database Administrators usually have more management and technical responsibilities. They may move into other fields such as Systems Development, Project Management, Database Architecture or other strategic roles.

Database Administrators may work as contractors or be self-employed as freelance consultants, on small databases or as part of large-scale projects in conjunction with IT firms and other consultants.

What do Database Administrator / Developer do?

  • Planning, designing, developing and troubleshooting of database
  • Ensuring that data remains consistent across the database, is clearly defined and has a provision for data security and recovery control.
  • Understanding user requirements and monitoring user access and security
  • Managing performance and managing parameters to cater to optimise front-end user experience
  • Optimising back-end data organisation and front-end accessibility
  • Evolving and adapting the design for specific data models and to meet system storage requirements
  • Developing, installing, testing, managing and maintaining new versions of database management systems, and back-up and recovery plans
  • Adhering to data standards such as the Data Protection Act
  • Writing database documentation including data standards, procedures and metadata
  • Managing access permissions and privileges
  • Planning for capacity and storage and archiving procedures
  • Communicating with IT project managers, database programmers, multimedia programmers, and other technical, applications and operational staff
  • Commissioning, installing and customising applications to make them fit for the purpose

Who are ideal for such a role?

Being a database administrator requires one to be a natural problem solver and meticulous as well.

This is not a job to be taken lightly as administrators has to double check their working implementations
in a mission critical environment and must be on the ball to solve business challenges.

Being business minded can be very helpful for them as they need to be able to demonstrate their
understanding of the business and communicate their views confidently.

Why be one?

  • IT Development Related Professionals are in demand:

The  IMDA’s Annual Survey on Infocomm Manpower for 20152 estimated that they accounted for 48% or 92,600 of the total demand for Infocomm professionals, with software developer jobs being the most in demand.

As at 1 Jun 2015, about 83,800 professionals were employed in IT Development roles and an additional 8,800 roles were vacant.

Employers estimated demand to increase by another 29,800 for these job roles by 2018.

What courses do we recommend to start your career as a Microsoft SQL Server Administrator / Developer?

Foundational Courses

Microsoft SQL Server Administrator / Developer Track


Source: Michael Page 2016 South East Asia Salary & Employment Outlook

* Please note that the salary ranges can only be approximate guides. 

Source: IMDA Annual Infocomm Manpower Survey and