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IT Technology Careers

Great Careers in IT Technology Starts here

Whether you are new to technology, changing career, or a seasoned IT professional, we are keen to provide a guide here for you to better understand the IT job market.

The job market will always remain competitive as people crowd around top jobs and salaries. Hence it is important to develop your career objectives and map a learning path with not just computing skills but also essential certifications to secure a competitive edge today.

Who Benefits from IT Career Guide?

Graduated Job Seekers

Seeking career direction and their first payout

Career Enhancers

Seeking progression and role expansion

Displaced Staffs

Unemployed with need to reinvent

Career Changers

Switching over from another industry or job

Why go for IT Careers?
Is IT Right for You?

  • Career Security: Today all organizations are more reliant
    on technology and almost every job today require some degree of technology skills.

  • Income Potential: Salaries usually start from about S$2,540 per month for a desktop professional and move up to S$6,999 per month for chief information officer1.
  • Industry Vacancies: The demand for IT professionals
    is close to 160,000 with a vacancy numbering about
    14,000 every year.

  • Easy to Start: We have programmes to get you
    started even when you do not have IT skills.


  • Do you like solving problems and tackling challenges?
  • Are you creative and resourceful in developing solutions?
  • Are you aiming to earn additional educations or certifications for your career progression?

    If the answers above are yes, you are very likely to fit the bill for IT professionals.


Taking the First Step

Understanding the IT jobs landscape should be your first step and we present the following popular IT career paths based on salary scale, career prospects and industry demand.

Network Administrator Software Developer IT Project Manager
Database Administrator Desktop Administrator IT Security Specialist