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Foster Transformation Through Service Redesign (16 Hours)

We know that internal advocates can positively transform the customer service experience, and improve customer satisfaction levels. However, to sustain competitive advantage and build long term shareholder value, every company requires a leader to inculcate and drive a robust service innovation culture.

Adapting principles of the Design Thinking framework from ESSEC Business School, participants will learn special concepts to prepare and lead their teams to expand their horizons beyond existing services and service capabilities. Learners will be guided through a practice-oriented and experiential learning process to discover the true fundamentals of what it takes to be an engaged team leader so as to foster and promote a service innovation culture in support of organisational objectives.

Course Outline
My role in Fostering Service Innovation

  • In this segment, service innovation culture will be introduced through exciting examples and case studies from successful innovation service brands. Learners will also learn to identify work practices and procedures where service innovation can take place at their organisations. Most importantly, they will gain awareness of the characteristics, attributes and behaviours of a leader in service innovation.

My role in Fostering Service Innovation - Facilitate and Evaluate 

  • In this segment, learners will learn to identify service innovation opportunities through SWOT analysis and thereafter create a business plan to implement the service innovation ideas. They will also identify methods to evaluate the success of the implemented service innovation idea.

My role in Fostering Service Innovation - Lead

  • In this segment, useful ways and tools to facilitate and support the generation of service innovation ideas will be shared. Learners will also be equipped with the knowledge and skills to evaluate and select the innovation ideas and facilitate them.

Facilitator: Johnny Yap
With over 20 years of corporate management experience, Johnny has led and grown regional businesses and teams in American, French and British MNCs. He held Senior Management and Department Head positions; namely, Regional Director of Thomson Multimedia, being the most recent.

In his managerial capacity across organisations such as Thomson, Motorola, Farnell and Methode, Johnny is also very acquainted with Human Resource Management and Development. He embarked on pursuing his dormant passion for training by committing to it full time, leveraging on his rich and diverse experience gleaned from his years in the corporate sector.

A strong believer in giving back to society, Johnny is an advocate of lifelong learning. Full of drive, his generosity with his knowledge and experiences continue to impress many. His openness, versatility, in-depth knowledge and sharing of practical real-life examples have truly inspired many learners. He currently owns and manages three local SMEs where he keeps himself current and relevant in today’s dynamic world.